How many deliveries in 3 years?

Average range 30-60

How many C-sections assist?

Range 20-60

How many C-sections, primary surgeon (resident determined)


Clinic patient mix

Peds 25%, geriatric (over 70 years) 17%, OB 10%, adult med 52%

How many calls?

First year every 4-5th night, second year every 5-6th night, third year once a week

Call responsibilities

Residents are on call for our clinic patients except for the following rotations:  ER rotation, peds inpatient, OB deck

How far is hospital from our stand alone clinic?

100 yards

Doctor’s lounge

Great food, beverages 24/7

Electronic medical record

Athena Net

Financial status

Praise God in the black for 20 years and still going!


Our safe and secure, tropical town of 70,000 is just 40 minutes from the lovely beaches of South Padre Island.  We have a temperate climate with 350 days of sun a year, a few cold snaps to 40 degrees in January, and snow every 103 years.


First Year Resident 54,000

Second Year Resident 57,000

Third Year Resident 58,500


4 weeks of vacation a year
1500 dollars CME travel money for second and third-year residents
1000 dollar book money per year
Medical and dental and vision insurance options
Lowest cost of living in the USA!

1rst Year Rotation

1 month Orientation
1 month FP Clinic
1 month Emergency Medicine
1 month Sports Medicine
1 month Women’s Health Care
1 month Obstetrics
1 month Dermatology
1 month General Surgery
2 months FP Hospital Service
2 months Pediatrics

2nd Year Rotation

4 months FP Clinic
1 month Sports Medicine
1 month Obstetrics
1 month Adult medicine
2 months Pediatrics
2 months FP Hospital Service
1 month overseas missions

3rd Year Rotation

9 months FP Clinic and electives
2 months FP Hospital Service
1 month overseas missions


118 N. Nueces Park, Lane Harlingen, TX 78552  |  956-357-6033  |  bleibert627@yahoo.com